11 Feb 2017

My day at Country Living's 'Kitchen Table Talent'

I have such a soft spot for good magazines...

There I was sat in my armchair on a dark January evening, happily flicking through my issue of Country Living, pretending I can buy a country mansion and fill it with beautiful antiques (hey - a girl can dream).  Basically, I was in my happy place.  I turned the page and came across an advert for something called the 'Kitchen Table Talent' business workshop day.

As my readers will know, I am in the early stages of a new creative project, and currently feeling like I'm peering over the edge of a precipice, pencils in hand, both a little excited and a little afraid of jumping off...  I thought it was about time I met a few more people doing the same thing and listen to some much-desired advice.

And so I booked a shift off from my day job, signed up, and found myself into room full of creative women, most of whom had careers, children, and other commitments - and all of whom were asking;

"Am I supposed I be here?"
"Do I really count?"
"Is this for me?"
"Could I do that?"

Universally all of them.  Even those with fantastic careers and a long string of successes to their name, which seemed pretty intimating to the likes of me!  It seemed I was in good company.